Dear Uthgard Community,

‘We’ve come down a long road together’ – you will remember these words well when we announced the ‘Revamp’ of our server in January 2014. It was at this time that we decided to change our path, to take a new road in the hope to find ourselves at a better and healthier destination. The path we chose was longer than anticipated and came with many bumps along the way and thus we would like to apologise for the delay. This has caused many of you to be upset and at times doubt us and we cannot blame you for this. But the project has been and is very much in our hearts now and for the foreseeable future; we aim to be more transparent about our efforts in the future and improve our community communication. Apologies aside, we are happy to announce that the end of the road is in sight, the vision of taking the Dark Age of Camelot community back to its glory days is near. And now we need one final push – but this requires not just the staff; not our internal testers, but you: the community.

We would like to invite you to the open beta for Uthgard. You will be able login to the servers once that countdown at the top of this page reaches zero.

Some of you may be concerned about the idea of a ‘Beta’. Let us reassure you that this is a necessary final step for us as we work towards our grand reopening of the server. And you should not think of this as ‘the server is still far away’. On the contrary, we hope that all major issues are resolved and instead this reveals any minor undiscovered issues that require a quick fix. Of course slightly larger bugs may be discovered and thus we will need the time to resolve these. But we can give you reassurance that we are launching this BETA now for one reason and one reason only; to get our server up and to get it back up and running ASAP. All characters will be wiped at the end of the BETA: this is to allow a clean start for all on the relaunch of the server.

We will outline all the details you will need in order to access the server and also give you all the relevant information in order for this beta to be a success. This requires bug reports (following the correct procedure) and honesty from our players. Our internal testers have done all they can but as a small team and only being human they may have missed some key issues with the server. This is a huge step for us all to take – we don’t just want a stereotypical freeshard we want a server and for this we need you our loyal community old and new.

So we want to invite *you* to test everything that you can.

Here are some of the key features that we want tested throughout this beta, and until we reach a satisfactory level of completion with these projects, the server will remain in a beta state:

  • Login procedure: We want to ensure that it is easy to connect, and that no errors are to be found in this procedure
  • Progression: We want to ensure that progression is as close to 1.65 as possible, which means that we want to make sure that players are given the right amount of exp, the right amount of money, items, realm points etc while leveling. If you notice anything that looks like very slow progression, or very fast progression. Please let us know so we can adjust drop rates, xp gain, etc.
  • Pathing: We are the first freeshard to provide our players with fully functioning pathing, which we are very proud of. However this also means that there is a high risk of bugs still being present in our pathing system.
  • Class abilities: All classes have been completed while we were down, and while our testers have done a great job finding bugs with the affected classes, we want to make sure that they are working correctly. On top of that all classes have received new realm abilities, these also need thorough testing, as bugged abilities here can have major impact on the game balance.
  • RvR system: Our entire keep and relic system (along with our siege weapons) have been reconstructed. We need all functionalities of these to be tested as much as possible.
  • Exploitable bugs: While this could apply to all of the above, we are very interested in getting rid of all exploitable bugs. While it might be fun for a few players to abuse these bugs, it is important for the servers wellbeing that we get rid of these bugs as soon as possible. If we want Uthgard to live for a long time, we need to make sure no one can get an unfair advantage by abusing bugs. This might be the most important issue to investigate, and we hope our testers will do their best to find as many of these as possible and report them. Some examples of exploit: (a) a monster spawns in a place where it can be attacked but will not attack back. (b) an item can be salvaged for very high amount of materials.

The duration of the open beta phase will be entirely dependent on how quickly players find, test and report bugs. Staff will do their upmost to resolve any issues ASAP for the full relaunch.

You gain no advantage by participating in this BETA – all your characters, accounts and items will be deleted at the end of the test before the actual relaunch.

So, what do we need from you now? Get ready, read through this page, and follow the "Getting Started" instructions as soon as that countdown reaches zero.